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Murphy Mairwen

Murphy Mairwen
In December 2003, I saw a photo of “Kayla” a black-tri Pembroke puppy, wearing a Santa Claus hat, that you had up for adoption. I printed the photo, to show to my husband, because Kayla was so cute, never imagining that she would be ours. “Kayla” became “Murphy Mairwen”. Murphy meaning warrior ( I wanted her to have a strong name.) and Mairwen being Welsh for “wanted child”. She certainly was that. She was born with microphthamia, but her blindness never stopped her. She jumped on the furniture, passed obedience class, went to the park, and played fetch with her special ball with a bell in it…a gift from her Dad. She liked singing, because it assured her that I was there. Here favorite song was “Cheek to Cheek”.

Murphy gave us joy and laughter. And in the end. she taught us what love and perseverance truly mean. When Murphy was young, I bought a shirt with the words, “Blind dogs see with their hearts.” Murphy certainly did.

Murphy went to the Rainbow Bridge on 12 August 2017.

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