St. Louis Area Help for German Shepherds
Faery Tails’ German Shepherd Dog Referral Program

St. Louis Dog Community Links
C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs Inc.
Greater St. Louis Agility Club
Gateway Tracking Club
Operation SPOT (OpSPOT)

Shelter/Rescue Links
Sue Sternberg of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption Accord, New York.
Sue Sternberg’s website

Adoption Services and Contacts

We Support Corgi Aid!

Of Regional Interest:
Wait! Don’t buy that doggie in the window!  Learn the truth about puppymills and pet stores.
DATELINE:Pet Stores & AKC Exposed

Health, Dog Care, etc.
The Whole Dog Journal
Information packed monthly journal that covers a wide range of subjects including training and behavior.  VERY highly recommended.

Having trouble clipping your dog’s toe nails?  Try a dremel tool here is how:
How to Dremel Nails

General Dog Links
This is a new site dedicated to heros of the canine world.  Its brand new and promises to be very special!

Celtic Art
We use celtic knotwork on our organzational publications whenever possible.  Celtic knotwork can symbolize many things, but for us it represents the interconnectedness of all life.
Anon Celtic Art

Celtic Festivals
Arcadia Valley Celtic Festival (about 90 minutes south of St. Louis)